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Black Snow

by Blessing Odunyemi

The children marveled

as adults clapped

The Black Snow had arrived

Stark contrast to the red clay

that was a little too social

clinging to feet, lungs, faces

The Black Snow had arrived

Hot and sticky smelling

acclimating to the humidity

in which it took residence

It felt strange and sickly

in their chests

but nobody dare interrupt the

celebrations all around because

The Black Snow had arrived

Children stepped foot in its warm softness

like puppies,

apprehensive of their paw prints

They wished to lie down

make snow angels

their parents screamed

"Ma bọ! Ma bọ!"

The Black Snow had arrived

The thick air intoxicated

leading to music and dance

praise hands upturned because

The Black Snow had arrived

Paving a new, fresh path

of promise

to a future unchanged

and blemished.


Blessing Odunyemi is a British-born Nigerian poet, writer, and musician. She was shortlisted for the 2023 Heritage of London Trust Poet for Places and longlisted for Kinsman's Quarterly African Disapora Award. Her poem "Black Snow" is inspired by her childhood in Nigeria and its colonial ties to her UK home.

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