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Mall World

by Jon Jon Stefan

we are the only thing we have left to sell

first hand

I've seen you windowshopping

through mirrors,

photo albums,

I was windowshopping through the back of a police car

all features blurred under the $ now discounted $ hat you wear




receding while this pig rants

about being oppressed. like he was the one in cuffs

like I had him hostage, the line that ran through him

a thrift store holding his life

second hand

a new off-branding

a new re-shelving

for the naked jungle of braille

with all the tongues of an economy

and that's where I found bedrock

on the tongue of America

where there's nothing left but mall cops

one per capita

there you will look like a duck

swim like a duck

and quack like a duck

but squeal like a pig

when these teeth close in


Jon Jon Stefan is a sophomore sociology student from Rochester, New York. Since 2020, he has been active in social justice movements, including organizing peaceful BLM rallies throughout his city. Stefan plans to become a sociology professor and continue his work in advocacy for equity and justice within his community.

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