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Poetry from Maitreyi Karanth

You see people seated on golden thrones

Smiling and waving with a joy never outgrown

The tears of their past carefully hidden under

The scars may show but wounds are unknown

All the people they had to leave behind

Those that did not trust in their path

All the times they were desperate to find

Their truth in the bloodbath

Feeling lonely in a crowd

And still in the quiet very alone

Not making sense of the existence

And still chasing after dreams unknown

Its not as if they do not understand

Its how they are made inside

Maybe a searching soul with home unfound

Passing through lives, nowhere to hide

Life is an accumulation of past souls

Who knows what they went through

Whose clutches they escaped

To then create this grand prison anew

—Maitreyi Karanth


Maitreyi Karanth is an actress, stand-up comedian, and philanthropist. Closing down her mathematics tutoring business at the age of 40 she embarked on acting, comedy, and philanthropy. Karanth is the only woman in Hong Kong to perform in a one woman comedy show and has sold out every show since. Her TEDx talk Age is not just a number, It's a journey has garnered more than 200,000 views. In 2019, she founded a charity named after her father, KOMA KARANTH FOUNDATION, Having the primary goal to create loving and caring communities, the foundation worked tirelessly throughout the covid pandemic to provide food, free homes and education in Philippines.

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