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Open Nov 1st!


Submissions are open for novellas, highlighting romance stories (not erotica). We specifically want unique stories incorporating the cultures, traditions, and/or histories of BIPOC and underrepresented communities. Submissions portal closes April 30, 2024.

Novellas should be between 15,000 - 25,000 words (roughly 50-100 pages). Selected submissions will each receive $1000 and publication within the Amour collection and the Kinsman Quarterly literary journal. $25 submission fee required. Submission fees are non-refundable, non-transferrable. Dual submissions are permitted.

Those eligible should submit an original, unpublished work in English. Selected submissions will be featured in the Kinsman Quarterly, its social media sites, and printed promotions. Copyrights of the individual submissions remain with the authors. Kinsman Avenue Publishing, Inc owns the copyrights to the collection as a unit.

Those Eligible

  • individuals 18 years or older

  • authors of BIPOC and underrepresented communities preferred, but not restricted to

  • must be able to receive payment through Paypal 


Contest Guidelines

  • Each entry should be an original, unpublished work by the submitting author, which does not infringe upon the copyrights of another individual or entity. 

  • Submissions must be received by March 31st at 7 p.m. EST.

  • Submissions should feature themes of romance and love (not erotica)

  • Participants may enter more than one submission.

  • Changes to the competition entry cannot be made once a work is submitted. However, a revised version may be resubmitted with a second submission fee. In such cases, include the word "revision" in the file name. 


Formatting Guidelines (MUST READ) 

  • Submission files must be named by Title_Author's LastFirst Name. Example: "Missing Mary_DoeJohn".

  • All entries must be in Times New Roman, font size 12, double-spaced. 

  • Remove extra space between paragraphs (in MS Word, right-click, select "paragraph", select "don't add space between paragraphs..."

  • Be sure to remove all track changes from edited text. 

  • Entries that do not adhere to guidelines will not be considered. 


Kinsman Quarterly reserves the right to extend deadline for novella submissions up to 60 days.

Novella Submission
for the Amour Collection
Ethnicity, click all that apply (optional)

All contest entrants will be automatically subscribed to our mailing list and free newsletter for updates on winners and upcoming contests. Subscription is free. Your personal information will not be given or sold to an outside party under any circumstance. You may cancel subscription at any time. 

Entries that do not meet the required criteria will be disqualified without notice. Only one entry can be made per submission form. No alterations can be made to the document or artwork once submissions are received. You may, however, submit a revision in a second form, stating so in the title (example: Lord of the Bears.revised). Authors of the selected novellas for the Amour collection will receive $1000 and will be published by Kinsman Avenue Publishing Inc. Authors will be notified of acceptance by May 30th,  2024. YOU MAY ONLY SUBMIT ONE FILE. BE SURE TO TITLE YOUR FILE ACCORDING TO THE GUIDELINES ABOVE. Note that you will be directed to upload your file through Submittable. If you do not have a Submittable account, you may create one in a few easy steps.  

Proceed to SUBMITTABLE to upload your file.
You must create a Submittable account if you do not have one.

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