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Grandma's Rhythm

by Hess Love


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Hess Love is a lay archivist, ethnoecologist, storyteller, healing artist and poet. They are currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing at Wilkes University and pursuing certification as a Master Naturalist. As a co-founder of the Chesapeake Conjure Society, Hess’ creative and community work as a Hoodoo historian lives at the crossroads of culture and environment. Their creative and advocacy work is rooted in advocating for communal ways of knowing from systemically discredited people through material mutual aid, spiritual liberation praxis, heritage preservation,  cosmovision, and place-based practices in the Chesapeake Bay area.

Grandma's Rhythm

by Hess Love


Back then, Grandmothers ruled the drum


Nurturing hands could conjure a beat


Thump, on the flat of a serving board


Thump, the pound of a mortar and pestle


Thump, in the womb of a mixing bowl


Thump, the bass of authority in her voice


You moved to those sonic commands


Your belly in motion before your legs


A dance for her


Those be the sounds and depth of life




Made in the nooks and crannies of the domestic


A fugitive hymn


Found home in the hearth


Rest, right after the beat


Breathe, right after the song


Eat, right after she cooks the meat of the drum

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