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Raising Multiracial Kids
helping parents raise mixed-race kids to have healthy racial identities

Parents of multiracial children face a unique set of challenges that don’t get covered in the average parenting course. Their kids are experiencing the world in a totally different light, bringing up difficult questions, isolating experiences, and complex realities that the parents likely never had to navigate before.

In this workshop, we will discuss how parents can raise these incredible kids to embrace all of who they are and grow into healthy, grounded adults.


We will discuss 5 core values:


●     Awareness: being aware of racial realities

●     Honesty: being honest with yourself and your kids

●     Diversity: being planted in diverse communities

●     Humility: being humble enough to recognize your limitations and               learn from those with different perspectives

●     Exploration: being open to learning new ways of thinking, living and          being          


This Saturday morning workshop will be facilitated by author, speaker and podcast host Nicole Doyley. Nicole has lived through every stage of growing up as a biracial kid. She firsthand understands the journey from experiencing alienation, to exploring self-discovery, to embracing her identity. She can articulate her perspectives to parents in a way that their kids likely aren’t able to yet.

Nicole will give you practical tools to help you on your extraordinary parenting journey.

Date TBD

$25 per course

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Instructor: Nicole Doyley
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