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The Iridescence Award

Edward Gillespie
"The Actual Price of Her Bangles"
(Poetry Collection)

"Carry the Culture: Using (Folk)lore to Preserve Collective Identity" is a six-week online writing workshop to aid in the preservation of cultural and collective identity through the discovery and exploration of folklore. Participants will learn what folklore is, how to research and find their own folklore traditions, and have the opportunity to conceive of one or more creative writing project(s) based on its tradition. Class concludes with online readings, including invited guests for Juneteenth. 


Mondays, 7-8:15 pm EST

May 13 - June 17, 2024  (online)

INSTRUCTOR:  Nicole Negrón

Course Fee: $150


The Awaited Collection of

Stories and Poetry of Indigenous Authors 
Available Summer 2024

In fall of 2023, indigenous authors, poets, and playwrights from 38 nations and 98 indigenous communities submitted to Kinsman Quarterly’s Native Voices Award. Guest judge Tim Jones of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, selected the winning contestants out of the shortlisted finalists. 

"I’m now the first person in my family to ever go to college. I’m working towards becoming an immigration lawyer to help people get a better start in this country than my family had." 


— Anahi Maldonado,

Genesee Community College Student

& Winner of Trio AEOC's "Break the

Cycle Essay Contest"

TRIO AEOC Logo (Black and Red)

Dedicated to equipping students of marginalized and underrepresented communities.


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