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Solape Adeyemi

And she charmingly sidles up to you,

roguish lips raised in a delicious pout in her charming face,

  and you are charmingly, charmed.

She places her charming full-figured body

across yours—charmingly wrapping herself around you,

much like a snake with its prey.

As she charmingly squeezes out every virtue in you—

every last drop of it—

until you are left, wrung, wasted and weary.



More poetry of Solape Adeyemi will be available in the upcoming Iridescence anthology. Pre-order today. 

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Solape Adeyemi of Nigeria has a Masters in Environmental Management from the University of Lagos and a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the Lagos State University. Her hobbies include poetry, watching action movies, and environmental sustainability.
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